Competition Closed

The Grow Your Own Sandwich competition has closed. Thank You for your interest, please keep enjoying Ploughmans® bread and watch out for more exciting promotions in the future.

Grow Your Seeds

Discover your green thumb with Yates®. You’ll find all the info you need, such as time of year, position in garden, as well as handy hints about your chosen seeds on pack. And remember, the more Ploughmans® Bread you buy the more vegies & herbs you can grow.

Tomato Big Beef

Award winning hybrid variety. Large and juicy with old-fashioned beefsteak flavour. Long season, heavy yields, superior disease resistance. Excellent slicing tomato.

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A versatile herb with a mild onion flavour. Can be used as garnish or flavouring in a variety of dishes.

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Lettuce Cos

Sweet yet piquant flavour. Quite distinct from normal lettuce with thicker, crisper leaves. Upright and cylindrical, forming tall, loose heads. Essential ingredient for Caesar salads.

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Cucumber Long Green

An easy to grow, large slicing variety. Produces sweet, crisp, emerald green fruit.

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Sweet Basil

Abundant bunches of lush green leaves with rich fragrance. This annual plant has a sweet spicy flavour that complements many dishes.

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Rocket Lettuce

Wild Rocket has deep green, very serrated leaves that have a stronger flavour than standard Rocket. Pick young leaves regularly to promote fresh growth. Ideal for salads or garnish. Hardy and drought tolerant once established.

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Lettuce Buttercrunch

With its light green, nutty flavoured leaves, this loose-leafed lettuce really makes the salad. Good to warm climates. Rarely runs to seed.

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Capsicum Colour Salad Selection

A collection of colourful capsicums in various shapes and sizes including green, orange, red and purple. Superb for salads, Mediterranean and Asian cuisines.

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Parsley Italian Plain Leaf

An upright-growing variety with large flat leaves. Italian parsley’s stronger flavour makes it a favourite for a wide range of dishes.

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Tomato Small Fry

Masses of sweet, bite-sized fruit on every plant. Ideal for summer salads, cocktail dishes, kebabs and as sweet treats for kids. An award-winning hybrid variety.

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Carrot Topweight

One of the most popular of all carrots. Vigorous growing with long fleshy deep orange roots. Rich in carotene and Vitamin A.

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Spring Onion

Crisp and crunchy, with plump white stems topped with rich green leaves. Popular variety. Very versatile in salads, stir-fries and as a garnish.

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